About Christine
It all started on a hot summer Sunday evening....

Gotcha! Actually, it did. But we'll try to keep this short and sweet, mm'kay?

Well, for one, 'I was born in the USA' back in July 1977. Yes, that makes me a proud leo. I spent my youth in a small-town atmosphere. And I didn't hate it or crave to be away from it like all of my childhood friends did. Small-town living has its advantages and its disadvantages. But the beautiful irony now is that most of those childhood friends have moved back to the area and I moved away almost as far as I possibly could and still remain on the continent. And I'm an urban girl now, living in one of the most multi-cultural cities in North America.

And I've never been happier.

I've been living in Vancouver, British Columbia since 2001. Yup, that makes me an American expatriate kicking it with those crazy Canucks up north. I wish I could say my move was politically driven, but rather it was a matter of the heart.

This hardly comes as a surprise to my family, as I've always been the nomad of the family. Take a week's trip to Tampa? Sure, but I'd much rather go to Cairo. Or Athens. Or Moscow. Or Hong Kong. Or..... My taste in food and music (and men) reflect my culture-lovin' nature. I get weak-kneed for foreign accents. Brad Pitt? Yeah he's cute enough, I guess, but he's got nothing on Antonio Banderas.

Since immigration I've been doing contract web design (and I'm for hire, hint hint), but my true passion in life is my photography. I'm eternally working on getting better at it, also. My partner in crime, Sim, and I plan make up a portfolio site displaying our best. That will be up as soon as we get our butts in gear.

Besides photographing anything that moves (or doesn't, for that matter), I am a huge classic film buff. I love me some old movies. Lately, I've been getting into indies and foreign flicks, not to mention documentaries. Add to that and I spend a good chunk of my day at my computer and I (gasp) love attending lan parties, and some of the people closest to my heart are geeks, and you can guess why I chose halfgeek.net to be my domain of choice. Oh, and did I mention I'm a domestic goddess? I love to cook. But don't tell me that's because I'm a woman, or you'll get a swift kick in the ass.

I've been blogging since April 2002. Good times, man, good times. Always been political, but blogging has thrown me in the politico ring and there's no hope for escape. Not that I would if I could. I love a good clean debate. That said, I hate discussing politics with those who can't keep it from getting personal.

I could go on and on and on and on (hey, I'm a leo remember) but I'll let my blog do the talking.

If you want to get in touch, you can find me easily enough on yahoo (cgrabig), msn (cegrabig@hotmail.com), or by email. I'm also on IRC if you're an old-schooler like me.

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