Lost in a Moment, with sushi

FEBRUARY 9, 2009

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Nice timing, having had sushi for dinner tonight and all. Reminds me of the conveyor sushi place we ate at in London, it was the same sort of place. I wonder if there are any conveyor sushi places in Vancouver...

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Pisa, Your Move!

NOVEMBER 5, 2007
The Leaning Tower of Pisa needs to get with the program.

Apparently, there is a church steeple in Germany that is leaning at a stronger angle than the famed Tower.

" Guinness Book of Records confirmed the award after officials measured it leaning at a 5.19 degree angle compared to only 3.97 degree angle at which the tower of Pisa leans.

Olaf Kuchenbecker of the Guinness World Records office in Hamburg said: "It is a world record."

The church was built in middle of the 13th century but a 90ft tower was added in 1450.

The tower was built on wooden foundations and the combination of the oak wood foundations and wet soil has caused the tower to slowly lean to one side over the years. "

Now I have to add Schiefer Turm von Suurhusen to my list of totally-cool-buildings-I'd-love-to-visit-sometime.

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No room for politics

MARCH 1, 2007
What a beautiful love story. And what a absolute tragedy that they had/will have to leave their homes to find peace and acceptance.

Matthew Price: She is a 26-year-old Jewish Israeli. Her name is Jasmine Avissar. He is a 27-year-old Palestinian Muslim, Osama Zaatar.

Jasmine and Osama's is a love story, and it tells you so much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

They met when they worked at the same place in Jerusalem, and three years ago they got married.

First they tried to live in Israel, but the Israeli authorities would not allow Osama to join his wife there.

Then they tried living in the occupied West Bank, but some Palestinians made life difficult for them.

Now they've given up and are moving to Europe.

I do hope they can find a new home in Europe. And to the Israelis and Palestinians who couldn't accept the love that defies borders? Psha!

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FEBRUARY 22, 2007
Construction of the World's Highest Bridge. Wow. Might have to add Millau to my list of places to see if and when I get myself over to Southern France....

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Digital Beauty

NOVEMBER 8, 2006
Must go to bed. So tired. But..... we're so close to taking the Senate too. Just Montana's Tester & Virginia's Webb. So close. All these years we liberals have ended up on the bottom. But today, the Republicans lost control of the House. Today, Nanci Pelosi became the first female House Speaker. And today, Democrat incumbents held onto their seats... while so many Republican incumbents lost theirs. Given my news of yesterday, today has been a bit of good news.

So will I stay up or will I sleep? I don't know, really. But I will post another video. Because this one I think is equally important.

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